Monday, August 24, 2009


The problem with having plastic not completely removed by toner can be caused by the toner
on the photocopy not being fused completely enough to the paper. The plastic bonds to the
toner but the plastic can pull the toner off onto the screen if there is too dark a copy or if the
paper is not dry enough. In the future, you may find you get better results making lighter
copies, although this seems counter intuitive. I found many posts about this on the print
gocco yahoo list, which uses the same process with flash bulbs and 100 mesh. There is
a Riso product called "clean up paper" that is recommended to solve this. (I have not seen
clean up paper in the Welsh catalog but perhaps they know about it. The info about it was
posted by Simon, a Riso distributor in AU)

It is even more important not to clog mesh and to cut a clean screen with the fine 100 mesh
print gocco screens. I found I got better results after I realized what was happening. I made
sure to dry the paper well with hairdryer or iron, and on very dark copies, I ironed them from
the back on another piece of bond to make sure any toner that was left was well bonded to
my copy I planned to run through the thermofax, leaving any excess toner on the blotter sheet.
Repeat with clean paper until your blotter sheet is clean.
(I replied to Caryl's inquiry on dyerslist but I hope others might find these tips useful here)

Enid Adams-Surface Design Studios


  1. Excellent post, only one suggestion would be to use larger fonts, the font from this post especially reads as a size 8 at best.


  2. Hi, I am having problems making a clean themofax print. Is there any magic setting on the machine. My print are not clear due to the fact that the ink is not passing through all the mesh. So for some reason the thermofax machine is not buring all the mesh where the printing is. Any suggestions?

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  5. Can I use a tattoo thermal imaging machine to make thermofax screens for printing. Also where can I buy the plain screen roll in the UK?

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